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Team workshops

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Know Yourself, Understand Others - Team Tendencies and Dynamics

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Leadership Team Tendencies and Dynamics




Leading Remotely




Coaching Quick Training


Virtual Team Development Event

Team workshops

5 Dysfunctions of a Team / Ideal Team Member
(duration: 7 or 4h , virtually 2 x 3 h)

5 dysfunctions of a team workshop aims to find out why team is not working properly and what team members could do to improve the situation. Workshop includes a pre-survey.

Ideal team member workshop examines how each team member contributes to the group’s success and how everyone can better support the achievement and success of the team’s goals through their own concrete activities.

Self-Management/ Trust/ Coaching
(duration: 2 - 4h)

The Self- and time Management course deals with multi-tasking, difficulties with interruptions, where we usually spend most of our working time, and the means by which we can better manage the use of our time and have control over it.

The Trust training reviews the different types and characteristics of trust with concrete examples and the behavioral models that support developing different types of trust. Participants define for themselves the concrete ways in which they can  improve the creation of an atmosphere of trust around them.

The goal of the Coaching Quick Training is to increase participants’ knowledge of coaching, to learn about different coaching techniques, and to identify how they can apply coaching in practice in their own work and environment or community. A demonstration of a coaching session can be made in the training. Participants can also practice coaching in practice.

Leadership Team Tendencies and Dynamics
(duration: 7 or 3,5h , virtually 3,5h)

In management and leadership teams, cooperation, interaction and the creation of a common understanding on e.g. strategy or goals are important. These are often also the biggest challenges of the those teams. There may also be too many like-minded people in the group. The consequences of this may be that the group members do not go in the same direction and at the same pace, or that the group does not see different opportunities but makes conventional decisions – ones that they are used to and that seem easy.

Intended for leadership and management teams whose members want to
– become more aware of one’s own leadership style and develop one’s own leadership
– improve one’s own self-knowledge and become more aware of own leadership style and its effects on people, i.e. emotional intelligence
– become aware of one’s own thinking style, behavior and strengths
– develop the dynamics, interaction and operation of the team

Know Yourself, Understand Others - Team Tendencies and Dynamics
(duration: 7 or 3,5h , virtually 3,5 h)

For all participants a NATURAL TENDENCIES™ analysis report is created. That identifies one’s own natural tendencies such as thinking, action, interaction and learning styles. In addition, it contains descriptions of what kinds of things stress you and how you usually behave in stressful situations, as well as what can be challenges to your own development. These help to improve one’s self-awareness and can be utilized in self-development and the development of group dynamics and effective operations.

Intended for teams,
– whose members want to improve their own self-knowledge and become aware of their own thinking style, behavior and strengths
– who want to develop the dynamics, interaction and functioning of the group


(duration: 4 x 60-90 min)

In Mastermind, participants help each other to solve and move forward in solving a problem. Participants can be from different groups or communities. The group meets regularly at an agreed number of times.

Mastermind participants learn to find ideas and solutions together with other group members, allowing to leverage each other’s experiences and skills. In this way, confidence that progress can be made in solving even the most difficult problems  and that the right decisions and actions are being taken to achieve the goals can be built.

Through Mastermind, an immediate and valuable peer support network is created. Participants also learn to plan things as they want them to be and not as they are told to be.

Leadership trainings

Leadership and leading remotely
(duration: 2-3 h)

In the Leadership training leading people is addressed through the work of the participants. Already during the training participants are activated to think and become aware of their own leadership style, define their leadership goals and measures to achieve them and plan development actions for their leadership.

Leading remotely training reviews the challenges of remote working and different management behaviours that support remote leadership. Participants define measures for themselves that improve their own remote leadership.

Virtual team building event

(duration: 1-2 h)

The aim of the virtual team building event is to improve the team spirit and feeling of togetherness, support grouping and cohesion, increase well-being at work and promote coping at work.

The atmosphere of the event is relaxed and informal. It is implemented virtually via computers and video. Participants can be in different locations, such as offices in different locations or even remotely anywhere like at home.

The content is tailored to the team’s situation and wishes. It can be, for example, a combination of presentations on topics that are relevant to the team, a review of the team’s goals, and fun tasks and competitions where team members get to participate all together and also in small groups.